6 Successful Things I Found in Detroit

Author Darren Robert Kelly has truly given the city of Detroit a voice. Author Kelly tell of the journey, triumphs and pains of a life of grit and grind to get to the top. Darren Robert Kelly embeds personality and passion into ever story on every page. This is why the light of Detroit never faltered or fainted because of the people like Darren Robert Kelly that keeps the legacy alive and strong.

We live in the twenty first century and I would be hard pressed to say there are limiting factors to ones success. We live in a world where there is 24/7 access to information, people and resources. All too often people use the excuse that something out of their control caused them to fail, focusing on the negative impact. Instead people can realize the potential they have and learn how to access the  potential they posses. I once met a man that started a company with nothing more than a computer and Internet access and began an empire. You can be in control of your failure or success.

The failure many people face is a failure to be aware. The significants of this is if a person is aware of their flaws, strengths, advantages and disadvantages they can control of their environment. Think about this, how useful would it be for you to have a cell phone yet never turn it on. If you went about your day and never used it to reach out to a friend to let them know you were running just a few minutes late for lunch or used Google to find the best route to the restaurant. Knowing what we have and how to best use it creates opportunity to be better, and creates more opportunity.



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